Dr. Derek Husmann

About Dr. Husmann

Dr. Derek Husmann was born and raised in the suburbs of Houston and is very grateful for his blue-collar Texas roots. He was taught the value of hard work at an early age, but also grace and the fortitude to persevere in the midst of struggles and failure. These qualities, as well as his God given gifts allowed him to excel in his academic life and in the year-round sport of diving. He was also deeply impacted by his family’s involvement in their Methodist church. At a church youth choir camp before his sophomore year in high school he was humbled by the fact that he couldn’t make life work by his own strength and effort, and his life’s adventure as a disciple of Jesus began.
Dr. Husmann attended the University of Virginia on a diving scholarship and graduated “With Distinction.” During his second year, it was through a college career event as well as a missions conference at church that Dr. Husmann felt called to pursue medicine. College life was exciting and full–studying economics, fulfilling pre-med requirements, competing as a varsity athlete, and growing in faith through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and his local church.
Dr. Husmann earned his medical degree at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. During his first year he joined the U.S. Army as part of the Health Professions Scholarship Program. While in med school he developed some of his dearest lifelong friends, including the love of his life and future wife Sarah, who was a nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Although he had committed to becoming a family doctor, the spark of Dr. Husmann’s love for pediatrics came during his fourth year of med school and left him wondering if he should change specialty plans.
Upon graduation from Temple Medical School in 1998, Dr. Husmann entered the St. Francis Family Practice Residency in Wilmington, Delaware. During his first year, the spark of his love for pediatrics fanned into a flame, and he decided to transition to pediatrics by first fulfilling his three-year active duty obligation to the Army. An even greater spark that became a flame was his love for Sarah, and they were engaged and married in Colorado Springs amidst Army life.
Dr. Husmann returned to Texas in 2002 with his wife and infant son Luke to enter his pediatric residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In 2004 he transferred to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he completed his pediatric training in 2005. After this extended journey to becoming a pediatrician, he was overjoyed to start his first job at a private practice in Tucson, Arizona. During three delightful years there, the Husmann’s second son Nathan was born.
Dr. Husmann’s next career change brought his family to Brenham at the end of 2008. He then spent over twelve years serving the pediatric patients of Brenham and Washington County at the Brenham Clinic and the local hospital. During this time his parents built a house next door, their daughter Kate was born, and Sarah has bravely homeschooled their children through most of their education. Luke now attends The University of Texas. The Husmanns are committed members of Brenham Bible Church. Dr. Husmann and his wife Sarah consider Brenham their forever home and hope to continue thriving in and blessing their community through InDependence Pediatrics.