Membership & Prices

We’re confident that the membership with InDependence Pediatrics will provide the high-quality and personalized care that you desire for your children, but we also hope it will be the start of your family’s journey down the road to healthcare freedom. Almost all the benefits of Direct Primary Care pediatrics come from the fact that the membership model allows us to keep our practice size small so that we can deliver VIP care to each and every patient. Dr. Husmann has been a board-certified pediatrician for over 17 years, so he has the expertise and experience you can trust.

Benefits of Membership

Time with
Your Doctor

30-to-60-minute appointments
so you’re never rushed.

Unparalleled Access
to Your Doctor

By text, phone call, email, or video chat.
We’re available when you need us.

of Care

You will always see YOUR doctor, who knows your health best.

No Surprise

We’ll let you know in advance about any extra charges.


Your doctor will actually know what things cost, and will share that with you.

Pediatric Care

General pediatrics that takes care of 80-90% of your child’s healthcare needs.

No Insurance

We work for you, not your insurance.

Services Included in Your Membership




Membership now is a Telemedicine Only Membership

Sick Visits