InDependence Pediatrics

About InDependence Pediatrics​

InDependence Pediatrics delivers affordable, accessible, and compassionate pediatric care to Brenham and Washington County through the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. DPC delivers modern medicine the old-fashioned way by offering an authentic doctor-patient relationship, direct access to your doctor, 30 to 60-minute visits every time, minimal to no wait time, no insurance interference, and affordable ways to take care of your child’s basic healthcare needs. We provide an inexpensive healthcare service that addresses 80-90% of the healthcare needs that your children have.

Vision Statement

At InDependence Pediatrics, our Vision is to rescue primary care pediatric medicine from the immeasurably broken current healthcare system by restoring the time-honored doctor-patient relationship through Direct Primary Care. We envision a future in which everyone in Washington County who values healthcare freedom and a genuine relationship with their primary care doctor can afford and have access to that possibility.

InDependence Pediatrics Values